Da Rules

Following these creates a better experience for everyone!

General Rules

  1. Don't be toxic (extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful behavior). Toxicity has been a problem on our server and will be handled as such.
  2. Staff and Justin have the final say. Although they may make a request outside of these rules, these requests are more than likely valid.
  3. NO SLURS. This includes any "symbol replacements" or "letter replacements".
  4. NO NSFW, including images in Imagemap, discord images, or extreme/excessive descriptions of sexual items/actions in chat/discord.
  5. DON'T PROMOTE. The ONLY exceptions are streams, videos, and other media about DDSH servers and events.
  6. READ YOUR PM'S. If a mod, op, or admin PMs you, please respond. If you do not respond within a reasonable amount of time we will consider you to be ignoring them.
  7. EXCESSIVE ABUSE OF SERVER/GAME/OTHER MECHANICS/BUGS/GLITCHES IS NOT ALLOWED. This includes faults of our own, such as a misconfigured config file. You're SUPPOSED to report it to Justin, so he can work on it.
  8. No alt accounts. At this time we see no reason to use them.
  9. Please try to keep everything positive. We understand that bad days may occur, but please don't use Discord/Minecraft as a request for counseling, please seek professional help.
  10. NO HACKING! Shouldn't have to be said but...
  11. AFKing is not allowed. This includes auto-joiners, scripts, "physical solutions" and auto-clickers.
  12. Be welcoming, not mean, to new members. Even as a joke, they just joined and are not familiar with you. We are constantly attempting to draw in fresh members, and scaring off new members will not help our cause.

Discord Rules

  1. STAY ON TOPIC. Keep each topic in its appropriate room... and all off-topic banter/etc in #off-topic"
  2. Please keep (random) memes in #off-topic". If you're posting a meme in response to something just make sure it's still applicable to the topic of the channel.
  3. DO NOT SPAM. Quite obvious, but still needs to be mentioned.
  4. NO GORE in any channel.
  5. Keep GIFS in non-meme channels to a MINIMUM. "Meme" channels are usually #off-topic¨
  6. People who join seemingly just to "troll" will be banned without question...
  7. Excessive reactions aren't okay (I.e. spamming every message with the same reaction without good reason, spamming lots of random reactions, etc.) Use them in moderation to describe how you feel, not to SPAM.
  8. Please do not have hate symbols/NSFW/slurs in your profile picture/username/tagline. Staff will contact you asking you to change it before rejoining and will temporarily suspend you.
  9. DO NOT MICSPAM. This includes, but is not limited to loud noises, music in your mic (use Jukebox hero), and other sounds not your voice. The occasional soundboard SFX is fine if everyone is okay with it.
  10. DO NOT USE JUKEBOX HERO TO PLAY SONGS THAT BREAK OUR RULES. However, if a song includes slurs/terms/etc in passing, we may allow it. If you are unsure if a song is okay or has any of these, send them to staff in PMs first.

SCP:SL Rules

  1. Music is NOT allowed. Non-copyrighted sound effects, bites, etc. are allowed.
  2. DO NOT HOLD UP A ROUND. Staff may inform you that you are the last of your team and to "complete the mission".
  3. NO micspam over intercom or in spectator chat. A little sfx are fine, but don't over do it.
  4. NO begging for classes from anybody, staff or not. They will consider it but they are definitely not obligated and will absolutely not do it if you are being obnoxious about it.
  5. NO working against your team. This includes killing allies AND/OR NO KILLING DETAINED.

Survival Minecraft Rules

  1. OVERCLAIMING (claiming more than you need) IN DabDub Survival IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
  2. AFKing is NOT allowed. This includes auto-joiners and auto-clickers.
  3. Give some space! Don't encase nearby towns with your towns.
  4. No farming heads! PVP is allowed but "farming" for heads (pvping only for the trophy heads) is not. Any problems stemming from this will be null and void automatically and may void all heads received previously.

Garry's Mod Rules

  1. (TTT ONLY) Do not hold up a round. If a staff member asks you to not camp, please move and try to play the game.
  2. NO RDM - RDM is killing or damaging a player without a legitimate RP reason. This includes driving into people, shooting passersby in the street, and spawn killing. Use your common sense on what is or is not reasonable within the realm of RP. Typically a 10-second warning is a good rule of thumb before killing someone, unless you are raiding (RP reason) or fighting back at someone killing you.
  3. IF SOMEONE RDM’S YOU, avoid them and contact staff, preferably with any clips/screenshots you have in Discord or game DMs.
  4. NO MINGING - being a general nuisance
  5. START A NEW LIFE ON DEATH - When you are killed you must follow NLR. You cannot return to the area where you were killed for at least 3 minutes.Your character must also forget any roleplay information that is relevant to your death. You do not "remember" who killed you or why. You can still "remember" where your base is and any information or interactions from your last life that didn't have to do with your death.